Underwater Rugby Basket

A metal bucket or basket with a diameter of about 40 cm, often attached to a matt of some sort. It’s weighted so it sinks to the bottom of the pool.

Underwater Rugby Ball

The ball consists of a strong plastic shell with an extreme smooth surface. The surface is treated in order to maintain its grip and its gliding ability underwater. The filling liquid inside is a concentrated salt water solution.

Water Polo Cap

Many people may have seen these caps before. These are the same caps used in Water Polo. We use these to protect a player from possible injury to the ear / eardrum. Each player typically has a light and dark colored cap for game play to clearly identify one team from another.


Fins are used to help a player propel themselves quickly and efficiently while either on the surface or underwater. Fins come in many shapes and sizes and typically we use a soft foot pocket style. Fins with buckles (i.e. – diving fins) are not allowed as they can easily injure other players.