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  • [Nov 2022] Updated waivers and streamlined information on joining CUGA as a Member or Non-Member Registrant. All information can now be found in a single location under our CUGA Info / Membership menu selection
  • [June 2022] Updated CUGA Code of Conduct
  • [Oct 2020] Many clubs across Canada continue to be on pause while we deal with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. A few clubs have resumed play with the help of safety protocols and guidelines developed and implemented by the club and their local jurisdiction and/or facility. While some of these guidelines are universal, some are unique to the region and facility in question. Based on the Return to Play plans produced by clubs from UBC, Calgary, Toronto and more, CUGA has created a generic set of guidelines that can be used and modified as needed. Please see our Return-to-Play-During-COVID-19 document. 
  • [July 2019] Minutes from the 2019 AGM are posted. Updated the roster for the 2019 Women’s UWR Team going to Worlds in Austria.
  • [April 2019] Posted the CUGA Code of Conduct to the Policies page. French version coming soon.
  • [March 2019] Added Timmins Underwater Club info the the “Where to Play” pages for UWH and UWR. Updated the Upcoming Tournament page for Underwater Rugby. Stay tunes for the full roster of the 2019 Canadian Men’s Underwater Rugby team!