About Us

The Canadian Underwater Games Association (CUGA) oversees underwater sports in Canada. CUGA was founded in 1984 and became the sole Canadian representative for underwater sports to CMAS, the international underwater games governing body. CUGA is registered as an amateur athletic association with Revenue Canada and is strictly a non-profit organization, manned by volunteers from across Canada.

CUGA works to regulate and promote all underwater games recognized by the international underwater sport federation(CMAS) in Canada. These include underwater hockey, underwater rugby/football, underwater orienteering, fin swimming and target shooting. At this time underwater hockey and underwater rugby/football are the only active sports in Canada with participating teams in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and the Yukon.

The organization also supports Canadian national representative teams who compete at the world championships and invitational tournaments. CUGA provides a voice and a vote for Canadian Underwater Sports at the International Level for CMAS and/or other International bodies governing these sports.

CUGA’s mission is to promote and grow underwater sports in Canada

Contact us at Info@cuga.org

Mailing address: 482 Connaught Drive, Delta BC V4M 3V8

Current CUGA Executive:

  • President: Leo Custode
  • Vice President: Liz Johnston
  • Treasurer: Heather Lindholm
  • Secretary: Marie-Renée Blanchet
  • Board member: Vacant