How To Play

Underwater Rugby is an exciting sport involving strategy, skill and fitness. The sport is relatively low-impact (tackling happens underwater only), a good cross-training activity and offers an interesting break from other traditional sports.

It is played underwater in a pool with a depth of 3.5m to 5m and goals (heavy metal baskets/buckets with a diameter of about 40 cm) at the bottom of the pool. Two teams (blue and white), each with six players (plus six substitutes), try to score a goal by sending the slightly negatively buoyant ball into the opponents’ goal. It is a fast and fun game with lots of underwater action. Tackling your opponent underwater is allowed as long as they have procession of the ball. 

The saltwater-filled ball may be passed in any direction but must not leave the water. It “flies” about 2m or 3m before water resistance stops it. This makes good tactics and good (three-dimensional) positioning essential. 



Typically used in skin / scuba diving these come in various shapes and sizes. Players choose a particular mask for maximum visibility while offering good comfort in the pool.


Our main breathing apparatus when on the surface of the pool these allow us to breath while still watching the play of the game. They come in various shapes / …


Fins are used to help a player propel themselves quickly and efficiently while either on the surface or underwater. Fins come in many shapes and sizes and typically we use …

Water Polo Cap

Many people may have seen these caps before. These are the same caps used in Water Polo. We use these to protect a player from possible injury to the ear …

Underwater Rugby Ball

The ball consists of a strong plastic shell with an extreme smooth surface. The surface is treated in order to maintain its grip and its gliding ability underwater. The filling liquid inside …

Underwater Rugby Basket

A metal bucket or basket with a diameter of about 40 cm, often attached to a matt of some sort. It’s weighted so it sinks to the bottom of the pool.