A special glove typically covered with a thicker layer of silicone or latex is worn on the hand that will carry the hockey stick. The glove helps to protect against accidental hits to the playing hand during the game by other sticks or the puck. As well, it helps to reduce the friction from the pool bottoms on the hand itself.


Fins are used to help a player propel themselves quickly and efficiently while either on the surface or underwater. Fins come in many shapes and sizes and typically we use a soft foot pocket style. Fins with buckles (i.e. – diving fins) are not allowed as they can easily injure other players.


Our main breathing apparatus when on the surface of the pool these allow us to breath while still watching the play of the game. They come in various shapes / sizes and most players will shorten their snorkel to allow for easier breathing. Some players also color them with their country colors or just to be different so they can be spotted easily in the water.



Typically used in skin / scuba diving these come in various shapes and sizes. Players choose a particular mask for maximum visibility while offering good comfort in the pool.